Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I do NOT have the attention span of a ~ ooh, look at that squirrel...

After taking what, to me, seemed like an age setting up a blog I could actually navigate round (once I’d figured out what to do), it seems I’ve been rather... absent. I was going to say negligent, but I figure a blog is something that doesn’t really need looking after, it just sits there, like my black cat, Ted, waiting patiently in the hope that you might wander over to the fridge and remove the cheese.

It’s not that I haven’t been busy.... OR creative... perhaps a little too much of burning the late night candle (and I do SO want to get on with my Paulo Coelho book without the pages rapidly blurring), I guess, like all things, I wait for inspiration to strike. Actually, currently, I have rather too many things on the go. Maybe that’s not just a current thing. I have 2 paintings on the go... go being the operative word - both could go in several different directions, although I do have a general plan (though we all know what happens with plans) - having recently got back into painting I realise there are a few canvasses calling my name... but I really should also get on with the papermâché projects I started. I’m sort of sitting here typing this while waiting for the postman... although even I realise that’s an excuse as the postman round here has a big hill to negotiate and usually doesn’t get to us till early afternoon - I might have at least another hour and a half to wait yet... but you know how it is when you’re excited about something.... he might, MIGHT just have a little package for me containing gold leaf! He might not, of course, there’s always that chance – but half the fun of Christmas is Christmas Eve. I’ve not used gold leaf before... not sure why, maybe because I’ve been parenting for over 30 years and one of the children has always needed something - can’t very well answer the “what’s for tea?” question with “gold leaf on toast...?”

There’s also a series of cards I want to make – an idea I've
 had kicking round for a while now, along with various other textile projects I have dreamed up in folders. Then a new idea struck this morning, which I’m quite excited about if only because I want one! Couple all this with home-educating, ensuring my middle daughter has enough clean clothes to suit her busy social life, chasing round after two sons who seem to be operating a secondhand crockery business from their rooms and currently hosting a Spanish student, you’ll start understanding why days seem far too short and nights seem even shorter. If I just stick to one project and see it right through to the end before starting another I’m afraid the squirrels start looking far too interesting. Are there squirrels in my neighbourhood, I hear at least one person ask? None that I know of (though a neighbour has seen foxes in her garden), I was using artistic licence just because I have one. I made it.

Oh, and just to let you know, the postman’s just been... with my gold leaf... so I’m off to find a squirrel to gild...

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