Friday, 1 March 2013

Soul food and craft stalls...

Hmm, am I wrong to be feeling this chilled about holding my first craft stall tomorrow?!! I have plenty still to do, it's not as if I'm even ready - a fair few sewing jobs to finish off, magnets to glue on some of them, ways to display items still to work out (one to decorate first!), need to photograph the new stock I've been busy making over the past 2 weeks so I can update my website, price things up,  remember all the things I need to pack ready to take, lists lists lists all over the place (rarely seem to get ideas when in the same room as the original list) and an 'official stall helper' badge to laminate for my daughter - who's helping tomorrow!  

Despite all that I am feeling rather chilled out about it... I'm approaching from the perspective of it all being experience rather than it being about selling all my stock and getting a shed load of orders. [Could I even cope with a shed load of orders??!]

The event itself is a private function. I don't normally do stalls - just doesn't fit in with the rest of life or the fact that I don't drive... getting myself and my daughter to these events via public transport - with all the stock and paraphenalia and a lot of walking to do in-between - is not an option that leaves me feeling very relaxed! Most of my selling is done online or via word of mouth (so do give me a shout out if you feel to!). I know a lot of the people attending the event tomorrow live on low income ~ and in that sense my work is quite suited, since I well understand the restrictions that can impose on anything non-essential and deliberately try to keep prices down to make it more affordable to those in a similar low income situation. I don't belong to the school of valuing one's art a little too preciously. I do, however, believe in the inspiration behind the old Chinese proverb: When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.

I live in a world that nourishes me through my eyes, through my sense of smell, touch, hearing (bird song in a quiet place, or after rain - divine!) ~ these things are important for our sense of inner-connectedness, our soul-food, as much as actual food is to our physical being. Which reminds me of another favourite saying: “We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Whilst we need to nurture our physical bodies, we also need to remember that our souls need some nourishment too, or life can get a little overwhelming. 

Many of those going have self-esteem issues, something I battled with in the past ~ my stall will be bright, colourful, cheerful, affordable... people will be greeted with genuine smiles and no desire to push a sale onto them. I'd like people to leave my stall feeling somehow uplifted... and that's the energy I love to work with, that's what I consider to be my *real* work. 

Anyway, on that note - I have a biscuit tin to cover with strips of glued on tissue paper! Have a fabulous weekend! <3

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