Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Plans... and don't forget THE GIVEAWAY!!

They tend to change in a whipstitch, don’t they - plans... today was no different! Having found myself with some extra time on my hands suddenly, I got on with some orders... and in the middle of that, happily listening away to my music (visualising myself up on stage as lead vocalist with the Dandy Warhols), I suddenly got an idea for what I wanted to do for my giveaway over on Facebook...  after quickly sketching it I liked the idea of it so much I decided to make it there and then. So here it is...  inspired by the hill I live on and the seascape below it. (You won’t see me in it, I’m flaked behind a pile of grass, unable to continue up the big hill until nightfall, when an owl will carry me the rest of the way).

If you’d like to be the recipient of this mixed textile brooch - just leave a comment underneath. That’s it. Nothing complicated. No sharing necessary (unless you feel to and I won’t nudge your elbow more than twice). Simples.  Now, let me think of a date... hmm...

... ok, how about July the 4th... 151 years ago, on that auspicious day, Lewis Carroll began to tell Alice Liddell a story that would become known the world over as ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’... a book I hold dear for all sorts of reasons (and because the world IS a little crazy, dontcha think)...

So, on July 4th I’ll print out the list of names next to the comments, put them all in my ovenglove and get one of the cats to randomly select one (failing that, my daughter), I’ll then announce the winner via my blog (which I will then advertise on Facebook to keep them happy). 

Good luck! 

And the winner of the brooch is..........

Well done Anne-Marie! 
If you could please get in touch and let me have your address I'll get it ready to post off to you.

To everyone else, I'm sorry it wasn't you this time... but there will be other giveaways :-)